Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lenin in the Post Office

Writing to you from the last few minutes the Post Office is open here in central Volgograd. Today was a great day of sight seeing and hanging out. Lovely, lovely city it is here. Having a great time. An unfortunate dearth of Barry Manilow tapes though (my bright idea of taking itrip hardware backfired. Can't get it to work. Have been reduced to buying ukrainian pop music tapes in gas stations...). We're going to get back on the road in the morning - heading to Astrakhan with the lovely Team Globalisation Institute, and possibly Dr. K and Sammy T (they have a ukelele, and hence are very valuable to any convoy). I think what will be the much harder part of this trip lies ahead after tomorrow, when we hit the Kazakh border. Some teams are reporting difficulties towards Uzbekistan, and possibly avoiding the country entirely. I would be disappointed to not go there, but of course our decision will be guided by reason and as much information as we can gather. If anyone is trolling the Rally site and hears anything on this point, we'd love it if you'd send us an email - our internet access is spare, and we never end up having the time to do as much research as we'd like.

Anyway, in other news, Sarah Grafman was kind enough to post a link in a comment to our update interview with interview, which we did, like everything else we do, in a gas station parking lot. That particular one was somewhere north of Melitopol in Ukraine. Here is the link to the updated interview:

Have fun and we'll talk again soon...


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