Monday, August 07, 2006

Aqtobe, Slight Return

This e-mail arrived from Audrey earlier today, giving a bit more detail on our Team's current situation:
we are having a rough time of things here- lots of driving, little progress. bad roads, breakdowns, and i'd kill for a shower. but i am in a post office with a bunch of the rallyers we picked up. their panda broke down outside aktobe, and we towed them 50 miles in the wrong direction, camped, then set on back for aktobe. cars are being repaired right now, and then we go back towards aral. i realize now that we are either going to mongolia via kazakhstan, straight east then north, or just going to tashkent/bishkek/almaty and then home. there's not enough time to do both.


Anonymous Serrano said...

Am blogging from Spain from texts received from

Gobirats were drivers of broken down Panda....thanks for the help guys.

So it was worth someone being on the rally in an "over-legal" CC car after all! (We met Paul and Audrey at the London sendoff party.)

7:46 AM  

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