Friday, July 07, 2006

You Mayo may not be aware...

...that I am staying at the home of David Mayo (of Mongolian Taxi Service) in the borough of Surrey. That's right...England. Paul has landed. This is the real deal. A brief photo tour of my experiences so far:

Dave and Paul.

Stuff that Dave has in his garage, ready to be loaded into his car (note that the roof racks belong to Team Newyorkistan; after disavowing any liability, Virgin Atlantic reluctantly accepted them as checked luggage.)

Paul at the Staines train station, flashing the West-Side sign.

The proper English home at which Paul is staying.

So far, it's been quite a time - getting to see the English countryside is by itself worth the trip. Two teams - Newyorkistan and Mongolian Taxi Service - have been able to help each other out in major ways. With the combined brain-power of Dave and Paul, our chances of getting to Mongolia exceed 100% (how is that possible? Just take my is.) He's a fine bloke, that Dave, and I consider it an honor to go on this journey with him as part of the Kamchatka Konvoy (note to everyone: Paul/Audrey, Dave/his dad Tony, and whomever else joins us in convoy, will be collectively known as the Kamchatka Konvoy.)

And finally, one more piece of information before I head off to bed in preparation for tomorrow (which will be the day on which we Get The Car!!) Seeing as how we will be setting up camp each night on this trip, it is only proper that each camp has a fitting name. Therefore, our camps are tentatively known as:

Camp Matthews
Camp David (for the many Davids involved here, but mostly for the ones surnamed Roofeh, who are two of the nicer guys you are ever likely to meet.)
Camp Frederick
Camp Lundin
Camp Dianne
Camp Rutherford
Camp Tweedy
Camp Marcus

...are you seeing a pattern? If you sponsored us, then (in addition to adorning our car) a spot halfway around the world will bear your name for all time! Those, of course, are only a few of the names we've designated...keep a lookout for further updates (as always.)

Much, much, much more to come.........


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