Friday, July 21, 2006

You know when you get a son stuck in your head,

and your realize that it has something to do with the current situation you find yourslf in? Then you understand why I have that old (Smiths? Morrissey?) song that goes 'panic on the streets of london' - paul and i just took our first drive in the lada.


guest editor jane here: Well the first drive for Audrey and Paul. Audrey drives, the hotel parking lot is understruction,and comes complete with polish and russina men in steel towed work boots and shorts. No shirts and the looks and the laughts to make our first day of Audrey driving into a true experience. So off we go, Audrey gets the car into first,we stall, we stall again. London taxies honk, drive by and stay thing in languages we don't speak so we are spared the anguish of knowing what they said about us. Finally thought we get moving, not bad. We are off the parking lot, Audrey keeps saying I can't believe I am learnig how to drive on London streets. The light changes several times before we make it across the intersection but by then Audrey is ready.. Now when its really hot and tough and the car doesn't want to run or shift gears or do anything a car shoud so Audrey is set...She whips the car into first, just enough gas and clutch and off we sail down the London streets. Audrey is singing Leonard Cohen songs we change lanes, we pass a truck we pull back into the hotel lot. Audrey is glowing, sweat is poring off her. She makes the comment we should have a dedorant company sponser us..more on pauls adventure driving later..jane


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