Wednesday, July 19, 2006

'We're all borderline retarded'

I'm reporting to you live from the lobby of the Abbey Court Hotel, where currently, Jane Ellen Matthews is putting her bill collecting strongarming phone skillz to use on Team Newyorkistan's behalf. We are, as you might suspect, in some hot water. Had to happen. It turns out that our car is *still* being repaired. Or, in fact, is still awaiting the front differential piece for the car. In Stoke on Trent. And it won't be ready, at the earliest, until tomorrow. Thursday. The day before the day before the rally. And you all know that face I make when I'm Not Pleased. So you can imagine the fun everyone is having. Also, today is the hottest day in London. ever. In its recorded history.* I'm waiting to hear back from the insurance company about coverage, and to head over to the post office to get a tax disc for the car. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

*But also, thanks to Jane, we are the only room in the hotel with a fan.


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