Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thoughts about London

Audrey, here are a few advisories about London:

-> Press the button on the door when you want to get on or off the train. Unlike the LIRR, the doors don't all open, so if you don't press the button while it is lit, you'll stand there looking American and all the English people will laugh at you (politely, of course...but still, they will laugh.)

-> It is so flippin' expensive here, it isn't even funny. We've gotten by on not much money, thanks to the generous assistance of teams Mongolian Taxi Service and Operation Panda, as well as our own cleverness in finding the occasional bargain. (We're nothing if not clever.)

-> "Pound" used to mean something; namely, an avoirdupois pound of sterling silver; nowadays, it means a funny-looking coin made out of cheap metal that makes a dull thud when you drop it. We may be two nations divided by a common language, but we are united by increasingly worthless money, brought about by the wonders of central banks. (Note that this comment has no practical relevance to the Rally, it's just Paul's musings.)

Seeya soon, Audrey!

Hugs and kisses,



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