Monday, July 10, 2006

Thought ya might like to know...

Well, Paul and Jackie are staying with Tim Norris of Operation Panda, up in Peterborough, a beautiful and positively medieval (in a good way) part of England. Today's activities included walking through an abbey that dates from the seventh century, marveling at one of the UK's largest cathedrals, and playing "Da Vinci Code," a very fun board game that is probably being sued for copyright infringement.

Well, the thing that I thought "ya might like to know" is about how Operation Panda, and probably quite a few others, found out about the Mongol Rally. Well, it was via Wikipedia; much like every other conceivable topic, the Rally has an article there, providing the gist of the event and a few links. Hmmmm...the Wikipedia article on the Mongol Rally. Who started that? (Hint: go to the "history" tab on the top of the article - - I'll give you a minute.)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you go back a couple of dozen edits to 15 August 2005, you will find that the article was created by some guy known as "PaulHanson" thank you very much.

Check out Operation Panda's site, . These guys seem to know what they're doing...their Panda is loaded up and just about ready to go. Over a few proper English pints today, we mused about how an imminent trip to Mongolia has become routine to all of us...good to know I'm not the only one. Tomorrow we're off to scavenge some extra parts for their will be fun and educational.


***POSTSCRIPT*** They sell beer here in two-litre plastic bottles...which is effing ridiculous.


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