Saturday, July 01, 2006

The people who make life worth living...

...are the people who came to Verlaine on Thursday night. You are all fantastic...and fun...and wacky, just like us. Entire families came to revel with the Team, as did several folks who heard about us via the enormous amount of publicity that we've been the subject of. With lots of people, lots of fine spirits, and lots of fun, the night was a major success. A complete list of Backseat Drivers' Club members/supporters is forthcoming; you will all be aptly recognized.

And, as I promised several of you, I promise that you will receive a middle-of-the-night call from Paul and Audrey. I further promise that you will be cursing the widespread and cheap availability of international telephone service.

So, Backseat Drivers, we want to hear from you...constantly. Send us emails. Tell us about whatever. We're going to be away from home for quite a while - we're going to need a bit of home sent to us electronically from all of you. You are all vitally important. You don't think the Backseat Drivers' Club is just a mark of prestige, do you? No! It's prestige, of course, but it's also the obligation to be a morale booster and a carrier of the wild enthusiasm that the Mongol Rally is flooding the land with.

And, finally...what is Paul doing at the moment? A better question would be, what is Paul's mother doing at the moment. The answer is: being diligent and finding out about the malaria pills that I will be taking for when we pass through Uzbek- and Kyrgyz- stans. Mom, you're awesome. She catches all that stuff, like prevention of deadly disease, that all too often falls through the cracks.

FOUR DAYS UNTIL PAUL LEAVES! Oh, boy....ooohhhh boy.



Blogger MaryAnn said...

Hey Paul,
Good Luck and Bon Voyage.....Keep us up to date on where you are and what's happening!!
MaryAnn Tweedy

4:53 PM  

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