Monday, July 10, 2006

Hopefully it's less humid in Ulaanbataar

My desk right now seems to be evenly divided between objects relevant to my work, and those relevant to the rally. the stack of NY Jur is as high as the maps of Mongolia, which I received this morning (but have yet to open). There's also, in a bag marked "Islam Fashion", a hijab that my boyfriend bought me on Saturday. Apparently, he was strolling down Atlantic Avenue, on his way to visit friends, when he saw a store selling all manner of observant Muslim's womens fashions, and so stopped in, and asked for a run of the mill hijab. I will post pictures of me in my lovely new scarf as soon as I finish drafting this petition.

And there it is - attempting to finish up work on a variety of cases and still get all the last minute prep done for the rally. Yesterday was spent further practicing the art of driving a stick shift (with the most patient and helpful teacher ever - Ed Matthews) and tomorrow should see an early morning run to the Chinese consulate for an expedited visa.

I've been trying to use this little expedition to change the part of my personality that desperately wants to be prepared for every little contingency - to try to become a little more easygoing and fly by the seat of my pants. Maybe that will happen yet.


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