Sunday, July 23, 2006


OK, so if you didn't know already, today is Audrey's birthday, and from what it sounds like, it was an interesting way to spend it. But I'm here to write about the days leading up to A's birthday. The day before the race, after a little mishap with the clutch, we helped Audrey and Paul pack and the documentary guys film some last minute shots. We were able to stuff six people and camera equiptment into a small room in the Abbeycourt Hotel, which has no air conditioning. It was fun anyway.

The next day, after a long stroll in Hyde Park, we finally found Team Newyorkitan's Lata. The car was fully packed and decked out with all the necessary decals, fake bullet holes included. We hung out with Audrey and Paul for a while , listening to lovely Mongolian folk music and then heard a speech from the Mongolian ambassador. It started to drizzle just after we finished writing little notes on the car to Audrey and Paul. And once it started to rain really hard, they called the first twenty cars to head off.

Good luck Audrey and Paul! We'll see you in a month!



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