Tuesday, July 11, 2006

As English as the Queen

Here we are still in Peterborough, seeing the sights of a town where the twelfth century doesn't feel so distant. Today Jackie and I visited Peterborough Cathedral, an absolutely gigantic marvel located not far from where Tim of Operation Panda lives. Buried there is Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII and a woman who was apparently loved by all. The whole thing is just so remarkably historic, I can't really put it across in a blog, a means of communication that is decidedly 21st century.

Also in Peterborough is a three-way bridge. I can't really describe that, either, so just search for a picture of it. The thing is trippy.

Exciting possibility: I have emailed the secretary of Baron Jeffrey Archer, a former Minister of Parliament and leader of the Conservative party; he has also put out a number of bestselling novels. Through the good offices of Baron Archer's son, William, there is a possibility of Team Newyorkistan meeting him; it would be an honor and a privilege to meet such a major figure of British politics, and I'm hoping to hear from them soon.

As for Audrey...well, she's getting here pretty soon. It will be great when she does; I'll finally get to see Audrey the World Traveler...who is nowhere to be found on the average day in the office.

Also, I'm trying to grow a beard, but it's pretty itchy, so I might abandon the whole thing. Perhaps instead I'll wear an eye-patch.



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