Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where's Paul-O?

So, Paul is out wandering the streets of Manhattan, up to God Knows What, and I'm back at work. I expect Paul to look suitably dapper this evening when you all come out to join us for drinks, and then whatever the night devolves into.

We'll tell you later on, but I can give you the heads up right now - the Matthews Family *still* coming through for us - a GPS device and GSM phone are on their way up to New York from Baltimore, a loan from Jochen, Kiowa's sister Raven's boyfriend. And this weekend, I'm-a go out for a spin with Kiowa's uncle Ed and Aunt Patty (and hopefully Molly) to fine tune my stick shift driving abilities.

We think we have some surprises for you tonight - I hope we come through for you all. And if you ask, we'll tell you that NPR's Debbie Elliott is a lovely lady and conducts a fine interview.


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