Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Three Modes of Transport - check!

Everybody loves to check something off their to do list. And on my to do list today was “book a ferry crossing from England to France”. And so it is done. If there are any other rallyers out there, we’ll be on the 18:05 Dover to Calais ferry – in fact, we’ll be on this honking mofo of a ship – the PRIDE OF BURGUNDY! (see above) I’m really hoping I can get my dad a sailor’s hat from the ship. His is all crusty and old. However, word on the street is that the Technomads (another American team, from MA), as a group of engineers, is going to fashion a raft for themselves. By lashing together a group of supermodels to float the car to the continent.

Perhaps more intriguing than the Pride of Burgundy (and really, does it get more interesting?) is the fact that Mongolia, landlocked country though it is, has a navy. How beautiful is that, people? The Mongolian NAVY. You know we’ll be checking that shit out. As we read on someone’s else’s website, the Mongolian Navy is described as having “three boats, two guns and one engine among them”. Come on people. You LOVE that.


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