Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One Month and One Day

Until we stand, proudly, stupidly, at Hyde Park in London, with 398 people who are just as damn fool crazy as we are, in our tricked out mashina of choice (as I mentioned to Paul [and a reporter] this morning, I think our car should be pimped a la the cab driver in the wonderful Almodovar film "Women on the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown" - trimmed with lights and dancing hula girls and fringe around the interior ceiling).

We've reached a stage where a lot of the longer term planning issues have been addressed for us - Got the time off of work, Paul and I have been vaccinated, we've got car issues under control [partially], plane tickets to London, insurance purchased, a ferry crossing to France, international driving permits and our last visa will be finished for us on the 30th. Which leaves us with every little last goddamn thing we have to pack and take with us. There's a bit of a personality problem for me in doing this rally. I get paid to be on top of things. To make sure that nothing goes wrong and that I've anticipated and addressed problems before they happen. Like that could ever possibly be accomplished here. What in the good Lord's name am I doing, trying to plan for this?

So when you see the frantic looking woman on the 2/3 in the morning, one half of her collar standing up, hearing transcripts sticking out of her already crammed shoulder bag, pen-in-mouth, attempting to digest "Russian in 10 Minutes a Day!" Say hi. You'll know it's me.


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