Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We'll give you $10 if you let those two people stand on top of your cab

And today I post to inform you, the reader, of what you might encounter when you are four months into preparation for your trip to Mongolia, and have just under two months to go.

First, you might find yourself having a difficult time typing, because the dip/tet/pertussis shot you got in your left arm (get the shot in your non-writing arm, buddy!) has left you somewhat gimpy for a day or two. The Hep A and Hep B shots were minor, and the oral typhoid medication is just plain fun (there is currently live typhoid virus [in the form of pills] in our refrigerator at home!) (note to Chris - it's on top of the gouda on the top shelf)

But that's something we've experienced, whether or not we remember from childhood. And what this ridiculousness is about, for me, anyway (and you, when you decide to take your own version of the Mongol Rally) is the chance to give yourself into a situation where things you never thought could happen to you, will most certainly happen. For me, I never thought that I would ever (a) ask someone to marry me so that I could travel through an Islamic theocracy by car; and (b) GET REJECTED! But it happened. (and screw you, buddy!) And then today. At about 5:00pm this afternoon, I found myself (along with Paul) standing on top of a yellow cab in a BP station on 10th Avenue and 37th Street (after having bought off the cabbie to allow us to do so) having pictures taken by a photographer for a magazine, while getting cat called by the folks hanging out at the gas station. This was not on the top of my list of things I ever thought I would do. But there you go, it's done.

I don't know. Maybe something exciting can happen for everyone involved here. We really like the idea of being New York's team in the Rally. All New Yorkers can take pride (or laugh at us) as being their own. And on that note, we invite you all out there to our final Team Newyorkistan event before we leave for Mongolia. Our final fundraiser event will be held on Thursday, June 29, 2006, at Verlaine, a lovely little bar (but bigger than Winnie's) on Rivington Street in Manhattan. Here's a link to the review on Citysearch:

More info to come, but that's what you should write on the Subodai you printed out and stuck to your fridge.


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Would this be the picture of the two people on the cab?

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