Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things you realize, things you don't

So Audrey and I have been Rallymates for, well, I guess it's been five or six years now. We've been through alot together, and I sometimes don't realize that there are, in fact, experiences that we have not yet shared. Well, there couldn't be many. We met a Mongolian diplomat, for example; we haven't tried, nor should we try, to top that (at least, in terms of meeting diplomats.) Anyways, point is, I realized something.

We've never been in a car together.

This didn't seem like a significant realization to me, until I realized, oh yeah, we met in the first place in order to be in a car together. We also haven't played ping-pong, or killed off an entire litre of fine spirits, or attended a Hilary Duff concert (all of which we are going to do...I hope). But to not have been in a car together. It's weird, to say the least.

We had a brief discussion about this, and came to a very definite conclusion: we have not yet been in a car together and we will not be in a car together until the time is right - and I suspect that time will be around noon, British standard time, on 22 July 2006.

This is one of the things we realized. I can only speculate about the things we haven't.



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