Thursday, May 11, 2006

People, we meet people...

Yesterday saw two additions to the list of people who I have met solely because I am half of Team Newyorkistan. It's already been a diplomat, a filmmaker who is part of the British nobility, and a bunch of kinda messed-up businessmen. To this list I can add Josh the Journalist and David, the..friend of Audrey. I hope that both will be at our next event.

Speaking of which, we're having another event, and it will be like the first ("what I hope my wedding reception will be like" is the way Audrey described it) except outdoors and with slightly less singing and few, if any, messed-up businessmen. Suggestions are welcome; I humbly offer my backyard, complete with pool and barbecue, but frankly, nobody wants to come out to the suburbs...just to hang out at my house. So, we'll probably avail ourselves of one of New York City's beautiful parks, in which we will have the Team Newyorkistan Ultimate Frisbee Tournament (me and Audrey are captains; my first pick is her brother David) and, I guess, beer.

I leave you now with something sent to me by my good friend Max Catania. Max lives in the New York of Latin America, Buenos Aires, a city that I had the privilege of visiting earlier this year. Max, we're proud to have you on board.


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