Tuesday, May 16, 2006


One might find themselves wondering: What, exactly, is located at 113 Baitursynov Street, Almaty? (Almaty, to bring the uninformed among you up to speed, is in Kazakhstan. It's either the capital or used to be the capital...whatever.)

Well, the answer to that question isn't really that much of a surprise. At that address, you will find the Best Eastern Astana International Hotel.

Best Eastern. Really.

I'll let the reader take a look at the hotel and what it offers - http://reservations.hotel.com.au/hotel/10010622-11278305O.html?lang=ENG&header=hotel . I gave it a look, and frankly, I can't wait to stay there. This is in contrast to Audrey, who was less than charitable in her assessment. Let's take a look at what a guest at the Best Eastern Astana is in for:

*On-premises bowling. Personally, I think the place should be billed as a bowling alley with on-premises hotel rooms. Excellent feature that appeals to the Jeffrey Lebowski in all of us.
*Breakfast buffet. I don't know what they serve, or if it's edible, but there huge eagle centerpiece makes for an attractive decor. Some would scoff at such a thing, even go as far as to call it "tacky." I think it's a perfect compliment to Kazakh food, which is to say, it's a bit harsh.
*Pets. They're allowed, which means that once Team Newyorkistan rolls into town, we're adopting a stray and letting him live it up with us at the Best Eastern. (What can I say, we're caring people.)

Audrey, really, it might not be the Plaza, but it's probably a whole lot nicer than the Howardski Johnsonovich.



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