Monday, April 10, 2006

When we thought it couldn't get any better...

Over the weekend at an undisclosed location, Paul and Audrey met with two individuals who happen to comprise a film production company that has made some pretty impressive stuff. Turns out, Team Newyorkistan might just warrant inclusion in an upcoming TV special. Specifics, of course, need to be worked out, but the idea has been put in motion, people are talking, and Paul is willing to skydive in any state of undress should the networks so desire (doubtful.)

Audrey mentioned the levels of discomfort we are in line for facing; that made me think about discomfort and how we're likely going to be facing a good deal of it. I specifically am not eager to be out in the rain. I'm kinda like a cat in that regard. I also do not want to be in a car that is sinking into the mud. And, I don't want to have to escape from a car if the mud is that severe. Man, thinking about this is no fun.

But what is fun? The Model UN reunion/Team Newyorkistan party that we might have. If you were ever in Model UN, or know someone who was, or can guess what the UN in Model UN means, you're invited. More info on that front coming soon.



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