Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Problems, oh there are many

Indeed, thinking ahead is important in a venture such as this one.* However, my impression is that no matter what problems we think of ahead of time, it's going to be the ones that we could have never imagined that will trip us up. This might sound like a cliche, but think of it in this context. Think of the problems that have been envisaged...and then think of the stuff you haven't even thought of. Scary, isn't it?!?

Creativity in problem solving might not be as important as creativity in problem imagining.

The Rally is still a hundred or so days in the future, yet the list of things I have learned, and people I have met, and experiences I have had, all in connection with this grand event, is long. One I'll mention here, because it's just plain wacky, is when my dad arm wrestled a British filmmaker during a late-night outing for Chinese food. We actually didn't realize he was a filmmaker at the time, but he was. In fact, we didn't know him at all until he happened to be singing karaoke at the same bar that we held a fundraiser at. William Archer, the filmmaker in question, is an awesome guy who made what appears to be a fascinating political documentary called Hand to Hand (, check it out)'s high on my to-watch list. William donated to Team Newyorkistan, for which we thank him. I will always remember, with fondness, my dad arm wrestling him.

I was perusing eBay car listings a moment ago. The cars all look pretty good, which really means little, because I'm confident that any one of them will give us problems to no end.

One is inclined to think that we shouldn't buy a Fiat Panda, because "everyone" is taking a Panda...but then again, this "everyone" in question represents only the subset of the general populace who are driving to Mongolia, so "everyone" is really a relative term. So, what I'm saying is, looks like we're going with the Panda.


*That doesn't mean there's been very much of it, though, on our part or on the part of other teams.


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