Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Paul obtains a valuable skill

So here's something that I am glad to have learned: changing a tire. Never changed one before last night, which isn't so good. It's easy, though, even with the shoddy tools that come standard with a Dodge Stratus. (VERY IMPORTANT: Bring a strong/easy to use jack with us.) I feel clever, in a small way because at first I couldn't get the damn tire off but then I picked up the spare and threw it at the flat, which dislodged it from whatever it was stuck to. Brute force, the thing that will make Team Newyorkistan successful, and the reason Audrey chose me as second-in-command (my verbal and psychological test scores were poor, but I blew away all the other candidates - several dozen - on the physical fitness test. What, you think Audrey just picked my name out of a hat?)

So, I thought a little bit about what car problems we would encouter most frequently/likely. This is my estimation:

1. Running out of fuel
2. Flat tires
3. The suspension
4. Overheating

The first two and the fourth can be managed and planned ahead for...busted suspension is a bit more of a problem, but that's what Kazakh mechanics are for. So long as their rates are a bit lower than those of New York mechanics, we're in for an easy ride. "Easy" used in a very loose and relative sense.

-Pablo Fantastico


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