Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nobody Listen to Him!


I don't know what you're talking about. There are no problems. We're going to learn to like the rain.

Last night at Passover seder, one of my uncles (a car salesman - picture it: Persian through and through, wears suits and, I'm pretty sure, a hairpiece, and...cowboy boots. i love this man) is negotiating with my brother Abraham who wants to buy an Acura. I ask what he would drive if he had to go a really, really long distance. First he says, "Ah, comfort. I'd go for the Caddy". I say, hmmm, what if it's rough terrain? Like, a lot of rough terrain? Maybe, say, from London to Mongolia. He says, "Range Rover." I ask what the engine displacement of a RR is. He tells me "five point five liters." I say, well, what if you can only take a car with a one litre engine. He says, "you'll never make it." And walks away.

You know what this is like, people? This is like the scene early on in Lawrence of Arabia, where Colonel Dryden informs then Lt. Lawrence of his new assignment, to head out into the desert to find Prince Faisl. And Lawrence says, "this is going to be fun!" And Colonel Dryden sighs, and responds, "it is recognized that you have a funny idea of fun."


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