Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gambling Junkies, Start Your Engines

Paul raises a good point about the amount of discomfort that will be involved in the Rally. Some elements we will be able to anticipate and some will come wholly out of nowhere. In fact, I'm thinking we should start taking bets. I want to see what the folks think the odds are. I'll start:

100% Chance that Shit Will Go Down:
Having to sleep in our car
Not getting to shower for extended periods (what I mean by "extended periods" is up for debate)
Living off of melty power bars covered in sand when we drive through the desert
Having to pee on the side of a road (perhaps more my problem than Paul's)
Finding that our maps don't correspond with with the road options we are presented with in reality
Being threatened with a beating by an Azerbaijani dwarf. (We'll be better people for it)

On the other hand, I think that there is also a 100% likelihood of the following:
Doing donuts in a field somewhere in Kazakhstan
Making friends with the locals
Seeing the stars in the Gobi desert sky
Buying all y'all bitches' christmas presents at bazaars in Central Asia
Getting to pop in various mix tapes for various kinds of driving (the power pop for the first stretch of open highway, the quieter Yo La Tengo and/or a reasonable facsimile for contemplative night drives, and wooboy - whatever it is we're listening to when we come upon the Mongolian border, will be a song forever emblazoned in our memory)*

This is the road trip of the Gods.

Whoever wants to start the debate on the really scary shit that's gonna go down - go right ahead. We're just waiting to hear it.

*Not unlike the way I remember that my ipod, on shuffle, was playing "Do Me", by Boyz 2 Men (thank you Tommy Hartnett) the very moment I found out I passed the bar exam.


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