Friday, April 14, 2006

Blue, by The Jayhawks, Is A Really Good Song

And on that note, I'm going to tell you that opportunities to become a member of Team Newyorkistan are still available. We may have already met the fundraising requirements, but hell, we desire to be the biggest and best and fundraisey-est. So, if you haven't yet become a member of the Team Newyorkistan BackSeat Drivers Club, join now by donating to one of three amazing charities - here they are:
  • Donations to Send A Cow!

  • Donations to Mercy Corps Scotland!

  • Donations to the Christina Noble Foundation!

  • We are so thankful to have you all out there working to help us out, and by making donations to these very worthwhile charities.

    All you have to do is donate, then send us an email (or just me, at and I'll send you a Team Newyorkistan Backseat Drivers Club Membership Card. The next time someone rifles through your wallet he or she will be stunningly confused by this particular piece of cardboard. So join now!

    And while you're out there taking directions, go download some Joe Tex off the itunes.* I promise you won't be disappointed.

    *Unless your name is Aaron or Jason Brame. In which case a mix cd is on its way to you, I promise.


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