Tuesday, April 18, 2006

94 days

Yep, just 94 days until 22 July is upon us and we put the petal to the metal.

If anyone from England is reading this, then I have a request for you. Find me (Paul) somewhere to work in England between now and 22 July. I could be in England within a few days, if I so needed. I will do anything. I want to be able to stay in England a couple of months before we leave, both for purposes of getting our car and other Rally stuff in order, as well as for personal enjoyment.

I can do pretty much anything. Try me.

Alternately, if you live in the United States, and you need something done for which you are willing to exchange money (United States money, preferribly), let me know. (see my above claim about being able to do pretty much anything. It applies to potential employers in this country as well.)

I have enough funds to go on the Rally, but there are the aforementioned 94 days until it starts, which gives me some time to do something useful, and make enough money to spring for the two-star hotel instead of the one-star ("Best Western Samarkand" instead of "Yusuf's Goat Hospital and Youth Hostel.")

I know that this blog is very widely read. Latest estimates by our staff (we employ about 300 people, keep in mind) show a daily readership in the tens of thousands. So, if one of the legions of readers needs a research paper written, or a small structure demolished, or a romance-novel manuscript copyedited, or anything completely different, let me know.



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