Monday, March 13, 2006

Why I Love My 21 Year Old Rallymate

This one's for all you nine-to-fivers out there:

From: PH
To: AR
Date: 3/13/06

heres an idea: we ditch everything and go to london.
now. or, right after the fundraiser. it will be great,
think about it: we can bum around london and get off
the books jobs, and its as close as you would ever
want to be to being married to me (cuz we'd live
someplace and eke out an existence. it would be the
stuff dreams are made of.) btw im still reconsidering.
esp if we move to london. if we were to do so then we
should be known as mr. and mrs. roofeh (your name is
more english-sounding than mine.)

just think about it. ditch everything. easy for me to
say of course, i haven't much to ditch. it would be
sooo much fun wouldnt it?

Let's take a poll: for how many of you out there would this be the proverbial straw?


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