Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Else Just Occurred to Me.

That if there's anyone out there reading this bunk, I'm going to proselytize. So here goes - if you love me, and team newyorkistan, and freedom, etc., etc., you'll do this: listen to KEXP. for your own good. - really, the best music out there. It may be the only thing I'm worried about going without for a month in Central Asia. It's that good.

In other Team NYStan updates, the rally slots disappeared in an HOUR on Monday morning. Folks were projecting days, weeks, before that happened. Nope. Just like Beastie Boys tix in high school. One Hour.

Also, I'm just going to call him Team Newyorkistan's own Bill and Melinda - John M. Lundin, at it again with the out of control sponsorship. But it's very hush hush, at the moment. Will inform upon completion.

For those of you who have not yet RSVPed for the Rally Fundraiser, which is next Thursday, March 30 - please do! And if you haven't received the evite, or need further details, send me an email and I will forward it asap.


Blogger Patrick said...

Fellow KEXP listeners unite! It's the best radio station ever, and your post made me realize that they probably don't rebroadcast in Central Asia . . . I guess we will have to survive for a month without.

2:29 PM  
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