Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My trust has been violated, in a small way

Audrey is a great rally teammate but would make a terrible therapist or secret lover cuz she published our private correspondence.

But, all in all, she did the right thing. I'd say the same thing to anyone. Ditch and move to London until the Rally starts.

The marketing department is working on Official Membership Cards for the Team Newyorkistan Backseat Drivers' Club. It is at the current time uncertain whether it would be cost effective to have each Backseat Driver's name imprinted on the card, or just to make a generic card and enclose an Elmer's-glue-and-glitter "thank you" note (which is currently Plan B so far as this particular idea goes.) There are companies that handle this very kind of thing (or, at least, close to it) and I am going to see which of them will offer the best value to us and our Backseat Drivers.

My good mate David Mayo, a Rallyer attending uni over in England, has sent along some highly valuable info that our intelligence department is analyzing in order to put to use for our own ends. Thank you, David, you are a solid fellow and I very much look forward to joining yourself, your teammate (who is his father, by the way) and some other Rallyers to form a convoy for our route (via Ukraine for David, and maybe ourselves as well.) New question to answer: what will the convoy's name be? We each have team names but a convoy is something more than a team. It's...many teams, driving together as one. And it's special.

Let's file that question under "low priority."

In unrelated news, I emailed someone from Belarus, who said that, with that country's elections in the imminent future, there might be a complete change of government there. Not definite, or necessarily likely, but possible. If that does happen it would make driving through Belarus more likely. Our foreign affairs department is watching the developments in White Russia at the current time.

I'm completely serious, we have like 300 people working for us.



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