Thursday, March 02, 2006

Links to Other Mongol Rally 06 Teams

In addition to our expansive back-office operations, coordination efforts are underway with other Mongol Rally teams, such as:
  • The Mongolian Taxi Service

  • Skoda Power Turbo Racing Team, or alternatively, Operation Ass

  • Team Monkeytank

  • The Mongol Frauds

  • Team Pink Panda

  • Team Fiesta Mongolia

  • Team What Could Possibly Go Wrongolia?
  • Team Wales to Mongolia

  • Team Squires on Safari

  • Team Fiesta

  • Team We Must Be Mad

  • Team Directionless

  • Just like my first year civil procedure professor, Aviva Orenstein said, "when you have the chance to write up a document yourself in litigation (say, with regard to discovery scheduling or production in general) take it - even though it's more work, take it - you get your terms in there, and you end up better off." God, I have absolutely no idea what that has to do with anything, other than that I'm nostalgic for first year civpro. As Scott Stamper will attest, Aviva ROCKED.


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