Friday, March 31, 2006

Funds: They have been raised

The Mongol Rally has never been a solo venture, or even limited to the two people who are actually going on it. Last night was an incredible show of Rally spirit by the dozens of people who actually do make up Team Newyorkistan. From the worlds of law, diplomacy, and high finance, they came out to support the Team. Audrey did a fine job of choosing a venue; Megan stylishly and enthusiastically presented our auction items; our bidders snapped up everything we put out there, eager to put gas in our tank, money in Mercy Corps' coffers, and visas in our passports.

The professionalism, eloquence and knowledgeability of Mr. Nemuun Gal has provided a first impression of Mongolia for many people that is overwhelmingly positive; if he is any indication, then we are driving to a place of friendly and welcoming people. We were honored to be able to help him educate the public about his country.

I said to many people that, before either I or Audrey leave for Europe, there will be a banquet feast to which all of our many supporters are invited. The people I met last night were some of the most warm and fun people I have ever met - I have never made so many new friends in one day before. I like Audrey's family every bit as much as she likes mine, and I long looked forward to meeting them. (David Roofeh will make an excellent physician, and is hereby awarded the post of Assistant Team Doctor - the venerable Dr. Roofeh of course holding the senior post.) I anticipate that, around mid-June, we will again all come together for a huge barbecue and we will have a ton of fun all over again.

I'd like to send out a big thanks to Will from England and Gus from Greece, who came simply for the karaoke but learned all about Newyorkistan and the Rally, made a donation, and joined myself and my family for Chinese food after the fundraiser was finished. You are of course invited to the barbecue.

Individualized thank yous and shout outs are coming soon, when our heads stop spinning and we have everything straightened out.

Thank you ALL and it will be great to see you both before departing and upon our triumphant return. A successful Rally will be both your accomplishment and ours.



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