Monday, March 27, 2006

The Fundraiser Update

Dear Friends And Family And Neighbors, People We Know, People We've Heard Of, People We've Not Heard Of, and Those Who Seem Vaguely Familiar:

Paul Hanson and Audrey Roofeh, dba Team Newyorkistan of the 2006 Mongol Rally are writing to update you on the Karaoke Charity Fundraiser this Thursday, March 30, at Winnie's Bar in Chinatown.

But first - a few bits of exciting news - we are officially registered for the Rally. It was expected that it would be weeks before all the spots on the rally were taken. Instead, it happened that all 100 spots were filled in ONE HOUR. Another 100 spots are opening up tomorrow afternoon, and, all told, the rally is expected to raise nearly a half million dollars for charity. And it's you wonderful folks who are making it happen. Granted, Paul and Audrey will provide the vicarious thrills and the "better you than me" moments, but in all seriousness, we couldn't (and wouldn't) do it without your help and support.

So - on to the details of the fundraiser. This Thursday, March 30th, 7pm at Winnie's Bar on Bayard Street in Manhattan. (See below for directions and parking).

Every person who attends the event will automatically be issued a membership card in the Team Newyorkistan Backseat Drivers Club. Membership in this organization allows you to tell us, Team Newyorkistan, what to do in preparation for and execution of the Rally. Elections for leadership positions will be taken at the Fundraiser. The scope of the organization's duties and responsibilities will be determined after everyone's had a few drinks.

Also, there will be free pizza at the event** - not terribly Mongolian, but it'll be from Patsy's so you know it's good. And come on - what could be better than pizza, beer and karaoke?

As you know, the $10 donation at the door goes directly to charity.* What you may not know is that we will be holding both a live and silent auction for the sponsorship of our most vital car parts. And some visas. I guarantee, it will be like no other auction you have ever seen.

there will be tee shirts for sale at the fundraiser, and wooboy, are they a hoot. We will put up a link with photos on our website, asap.

We really hope to see you there on Thursday - it's going to be a lot of fun. If you have the evite for this event, please do RSVP - it will help us determine how much we need of everything. If you don't have the evite, send me an email, and I will forward it along.

Very truly yours,
Audrey Roofeh and Paul Hanson

By Subway: take the N, R, Q, W, J, M, Z or 6 train to Canal Street. Walk one block east on Canal to Baxter. Make a right, and walk about two blocks south on Baxter. Make a left on Bayard, and Winnie's is just a few doors in on your left. (On your right is a park). Here's a map:

By car: if you need directions by car - send me an email, I will get right back to you.

*For those of you who have contributed in advance of the event, this has been noted. Just tell the person at the door that your name is on the list.

** Supplies are limited. Sigh.


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