Sunday, March 05, 2006

All hail Jessica Rutherford

Jessica Rutherford, I don't know you, but you have put 30 quid worth of petrol in our tank, and that means you're like family.

T-shirts will be ready, if not for the first fundraiser than definitely for the second.

At our March 30th fundraiser, in addition to being able to sing and eat awesome food and support an awesome cause, you will be able to bid on an awesome guitar that was once played by a guy who once played with Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones (you can call it the "seven degrees of rock and roll fame" guitar. This is a finely crafted instrument that anyone would be proud to own.

In addition to you attending, any other miscellania that you would like to give us so we can auction it is welcome. I hope to assemble a motley assortment of stuff.

Our music department is tossing around plans for a Team Newyorkistan theme song. Stay tuned.



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