Thursday, February 23, 2006

Strange world we live in

Audrey and I only met on January 25th of this very year, but our lives have at times run parallel. Audrey's father and my mother, both in the medical field, seem to have crossed paths at some point (not sure when, but according to my mother's foggy recollections, they did.) We were also both devotees of the greatest high school club ever, Model United Nations, Audrey in New Hyde Park Memorial and myself in Floral Park. The advisor emeritus of New Hyde Park Memorial's MUN club, Lee Marcus, is apparently quite enthused about our venture; he is also heading off on vacation to South America, which is where I just returned from. Best wishes for a pleasant time to him.

What have I learned so far from the Mongol Rally? It's all connected, everyone and everything. At least, when you live in Floral Park/New Hyde Park, it is.

Wherever and whatever our fundraising events are, they are going to own. You will get owned just by attending. That's how good it will be. Guaranteed. Stay tuned for more info.



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