Monday, February 27, 2006

In the time it takes to consume one warm diet dr. pepper...

I will update the world on the status of Team Newyorkistan. For one thing, I had a very interesting dinner on Saturday night with my family, in which the Persian contigent suggested strongly that we consider the Southern Route of the Rally. Paul being the voice of reason suggested we give some consideration to the geopolitical game of Russian Roulette that may entail. On the other hand, my cousin mentioned this morning that it may be a great deal more puffery by Bush and Ahmedinejad than actual possibilities of invasion, and that big words are all for the benefit of the American and Iranian media, respectively. On that mutated third hand though, is the reality that I would have to wear a hijab when travelling through Iran, and unless Paul and I get married at the Turkish border and then an annullment upon arrival in Turkmenistan, we may not actually be able to travel together in a car. Holy crap - the things to consider. Basically, what I'm saying is, that the toppings too are cursed. Comments/advice/help?! Please post.

And now for something completely different. You are the people who are going to make Team Newyorkistan happen, so. . . what kind of Mongol Rally fundraising event would you be interested in attending? Efforts are underway to slap something (17 things?) together to raise money, but we'd like to hear from you the reader about what would float your boat.

Possibilities for you to consider:
Cocktail hour at a bar in Manhattan
Karaoke night

An auction


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